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Annual Chapter Report Form

Chapter leaders - thank you for the hard work you do throughout the year! The bylaws of Integrity USA require that chapters submit an annual report on your work as a chapter.  This report is essential to helping Integrity USA better serve chapters and keep its chapter database up-to-date.  It is also a requirement for initial and continued chapter certification.

If you have questions about the report, contact Operations Manager David Cupps by email or at 585-360-4512.

Part 1

What is the name of the person filling out this report?

What is your email address? A value is required.Invalid format.

Part 2: Chapter contact information (for the public)

National bylaws require this to be a post office box, church, or another institution.  Home addresses are not permitted without prior permission.

(e.g., first Thursdays at 7pm)

(e.g., St. Mark's in Portland)
Please include the name of the facility and the street address.

Part 3: Chapter Info - For Integrity USA Use Only

How does your chapter handle checks?

At the end of the last calendar year, did your chapter have (or have control of) more than $500 in cash or assets?

Part 4: Chapter Leaders

Please indicate each chapter officer (up to three). The first one should be the primary contact, and one of them should be the Treasurer if you have one. Include the leader's name, title, email, phone and when their term of office is over.

Part 5: Requirements for Continued Chapter Certification

Have your chapter bylaws changed in the last year?     
If so, please send a copy of the bylaws, with changes highlighted, to the secretary of Integrity USA for review.

Has your chapter met at least 3 times in the last year?     

Does your chapter have at least 10 dues-paid members of Integrity USA?     

Part 4: Accomplishments and Challenges (Optional)

What were your chapter’s greatest accomplishments during the past year?

What will be your chapter’s biggest challenges during the next year?

What can Integrity USA and your Provincial Coordinator do to help your chapter?

Do you want or need any of these items or actions? Please check all that apply.

Do you have other comments, questions or suggestions?


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