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Diocesan Policies on Blessings

At General Convention 2012, Integrity USA and its partners worked successfully to get approval of a rite to bless same-sex relationships (click here for more info on the rite).  Since that time, Integrity has gathered information on diocesan policies that continue to emerge and change.

The map below has indicators for each diocese (located at its headquarters on this map); if you click on or hover over one of the pins, it will tell you whether blessings are currently allowed by diocesan policy.

Where available, supporting documentation is linked from the name of the diocese.  Additional documentation collected by the SCLM and the Archives of TEC are available on these pages: Dioceses A-M, N-W

If you have updated information for a diocese, or if you have a supporting link where none is shown, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


View Diocesan Policies on Blessings in a full screen map