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Map of Diocesan Blessings Policies

dio-policies-blessings-mapAfter years of work by Integrity USA and its allies, The Episcopal Church approved a Rite for the Blessing of a Same-Sex Relationship at the 2012 General Convention. The Rite is now available in a final format - click here for just the rite, or click here to buy a full book with the Rite and the other liturgical resources.

Integrity offers a map showing current diocesan policies for the use of the rite - click here to see the map - and let us know if you have updated information - it changes constantly!

Looking for other resources on blessings? Click here.

Find a Welcoming Congregation

Welcoming CongregationLooking for congregations in your area that have publicly declared themselves to be welcoming and inclusive of LGBT persons and their allies?
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