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Integrity is a community comprised of straight and LGBT persons... singles, couples, and families with children... and laity and clergy who share a common mission of justice and are moved to action by a vision of a truly diverse church and society.  You may be blessed to worship in a church where the dignity of LGBT people is fully respected and their full participation in community life completely welcomed... but that is not yet the reality everywhere.  Prejudice and denial still greet too many who simply want to walk their faith journey with integrity.

Integrity is working hard to build on its long and successful history of advocating for LGBT issues and networking with other voices for justice within and beyond the Episcopal Church. With your help, we can continue that work with even greater strength and vitality, securing the gains of past decades and making new advances toward the day when all God's children are safe, welcomed, and affirmed.

Please consider joining Integrity today.  Receive an individual membership for a contribution of $50 or more, and a household membership for $75.  Seniors, students and persons with very low incomes can become members for $25.  (For church "memberships," click here.)  Whatever your membership contribution, your support will be put to work immediately, supporting volunteer efforts and educational and service programs across the country. Click here to make a membership donation online, or download our membership brochure (below) with a form to fill out and send back to us.  Thank you!

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When you donate $1,000 or more in a single gift, you become a Lifetime Member of Integrity USA - never pay dues again, and be a member of our Stakeholders' Council!

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Be sure to mail the Membership Brochure to the following Address:

P.O. Box 70605
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