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Proud Parish Partners (P3)

button-1-whiteAs you work in your community to spread the message of God's inclusive love, Integrity is working in The Episcopal Church as a whole. If you agree with us that God's radical welcome includes gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, you'll want to help Integrity's work to change policy and practice in the church, throughout the nation and beyond.

Sign up today to make your church or organization an active member of the movement for inclusion.

  • Your church or organization will be listed on Integrity's website as a partner in this important work.
  • Your annual donation (minimum $100) will support Integrity's efforts toward a more inclusive Episcopal Church.
  • You will be part of Integrity's Stakeholders' Council, a group that meets on monthly phone calls to hear updates, discuss strategies, and share resources.
  • Integrity will send you weekly updates on issues important to your work and to the movement as a whole.

Integrity's voice will be stronger with yours added to it. Read more to see how your church or organization can benefit from this partnership.

Can other groups besides parishes become Partners?

Yes! Organizations, dioceses, and other like-minded groups can be Proud Partners. Proud Partners (P2's) have the same participation in Integrity's work and organization, while working in areas outside of one local parish. Proud Partners are also listed on Integrity's website and included in calls, emails and resources.

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Proud Partners Map

Proud Parish Partners (P3) and Proud Partners (P2)

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